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Sunday, 1 August 2010


Ok I was supposed to post a few things BUT I have been soooooooooooooooooo busy with packing stuff. I've been snowed under boxes!!! We're off on wednesday and the boys cannot wait. Tristy Pooh wants it to be only one day left before we go -everyday I get "I'm dressed now Mummy can we go to France!" and the 2 others are very excited about "becoming" proper french!!! Bless them...

Now for the crafty side of this post! These were made for the teachers -18 all together!!!- for Christmas. The box in a bag were filled with homemade fudge and the "pocket" card with toffee cookies in every single one of them -I could actually make the all lot with my eyes close now!!! They were a success and I had to hand the recipes over to the greediest ones!!!

Something else I made for Aidan's teacher as all the other ones already had one at some point throughout the years! I made this out of salt dough and hand painted it with acrylic -diluted with lots of watet- before putting 3 coats of "yacht" varnish on both side. The little pencils sticking out of the bag were made with wooden skewers. She loved it.

Enjoy the rest of the week end -who knows we might get a bit of sunshine if we're lucky!!!



Lisa Jane said...

Fab makes - love the salt dough dolly and i am sure the teacher did too. Have a great holiday
Lisa ;)

Jill said...

wwo Isa I love the salt dough, you are one talented lady! she looks amazing I stil can't believe it's handmade it really looks amazing! you little xmas gift boxes are gorgeous too! good luck with the move hugs Jill xx

"Soleil@mayotte" said...

Merci d'être venue me rendre visite dans mon atelier à mon tour de venir visiter ton "coin"... Tes cartes sont superbes !!!! j'adore leurs sketchs, les mélanges de papiers et, le plus important, l'encrage des estampes !
Biz, à bientôt pour une autre visite.

Bubbles said...

OMG Isa these are such wonderful and generous gifts (wish I were one of the boys teachers!!!) made all the more special for being homemade.
Please please when you get time, could I have the recipes, I never seem to make really yummy biccies! The salt dough lady is absolutely fabulous, so much character, you are so clever!
Wishing you so much luck with the move, hope it all goes smoothly and that you settle quickly.
Joanne x