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Thursday, 15 October 2015

The cook and the goodies...

Happy Thursday blogger friends!!!! So it has been a while -despite my will to keep this blog updated as often as possible!!!!- but today I will show you several things then!!!! First one is "Mrs cook" made out of cold porcelain -I am far from being as talented as some people out there but I'm having so much fun "playing" with it! It is a present for my mum's neighbour who is my kind of personal seamstress as she  keeps fixing the boys' coats which they rip because of the weight of their school bag! She loves cooking and I came up with this little lady...

The second thing is also a present! Some goodies from Britanny -"Potatoes, seagulls eggs and some homemade salted butter toffee! Absolutely love this stamp from Whimsy and I find it perfect for all the wonderful women in my life!!!! 

Thanks for looking and have all a wonderful day... Over here it is getting pretty cold and today is a very grey and rainy day.... 


Thursday, 9 April 2015

birthday in yellow

Happy Thursday evening, I must admit that it does feel really good to be back crafting and I am hugely enjoying it! So I will try to keep this blog updated as much as I can -when of course ze kiddies allow me to use the Pc!!!!! The card for today is for a lovely friend of mine, I used yellow for this one which is not really one of my favorite color and I quite enjoyed the challenge as it is pretty difficult to created something in a color you don't really like!!!!! The stamp is from Whimsy stamp and I absolutely love them!!!! I enter this card into those 2 challenges :

Thanks for looking and have all a wonderful day xxx 


Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Back with new stuff!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! It has been a while again but finding the time to craft is kind of almost impossible in the house apart from the odd card I need to make quickly I haven't been doing much! But with Lilubel going to preschool now in the morning it gives me a little bit of time to myself and I have finally managed to try out cold porcelain! I used to make models with salt dough at first and then tried out the Darwi air drying dough but I must admit that cold porcelain is more fun and the result is so fine and smooth!!!! Anyway here is my first attempt at it. Far from some wonderful models you can see but I am quite happy with it xxx Hope you like it too xxx

Have a wonderful evening xxx And take care of yourself xxx