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Friday, 1 February 2008

Lovely friend...

Happy Friday! I really do hope that everyone else has the same sunshine as we have down here! Pretty cold but I'm not going to complain about this!!!! To brighten my day even more I receive this morning a package from my friend Sally -at Craft Moments-. She sent me a beautiful card and a "chocolate champagne bottle" -Yummy, won't be able to show you this one as I have already eaten it!!! ;op... I absolutely love those scrummy papers, the colours she used and all the lovely tags... I'm so lucky to have such a lovely friend. So I wanted to share her card with you and here it is...

Update on Ethan's foot... Well as we were aware it definitely wasn't broken but he still can't walk properly on it so I think he did a tendon or something... Which also means no footie for him this week end... Aidan was poorly last night, he had a slight temperature and looked really grotty too... A bit better today but I felt he was better off staying at home today... Tristan's cold still there but it's definitely not affecting him at all! The little Muppet is full of beans!!! Hopefully we'll still manage to have a good week end! I'm collectiong my Stampin up order!!! YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine if you're lucky to have some.

Love x


CraftyC said...

Wow, What a lovely card! Hope Ethans foot is OK.

Risa said...

Hi Isa!
Thank you sooo much for your kind and warm comments. I'm feeling a lot better now. Thank Goodness!!!
Hey..I noticed that we have something in common. My 10 yr.old has the name Ethan also! While I was pregnant, we saw the movie Mission Impossible. Tom Cruise's agent name was Ethan Hunt. I couldn't get enough of that name and I knew that my sons name was going to be "Ethan"!!!!lol (I know I'm nuts!)
I love your card and the tags are beautiful Isa. Enjoy your day and the sunshine.

Risa said...

Oops...I forgot to mention that I'm glad that Ethan's foot is OK! I'm also glad that Tristan and Aidan are feeling fine.